Friday, May 2, 2014

NEW CHARACTER! Tell Me Your Thoughts

There's a new character in The Witch Wars! What are your thoughts about this new addition? Is he a villain or one of the good guys? How will his story play out? Do you think he's here to help Gossamer or will he deceive her? Let me know what role you think this new character will play in The White City!

My name is Blame. I sell tinctures, toxins and poison... I am the sandman, the bringer of eternal sleep. I haunt the empty times before dawn. While everyone else huddles in their beds, I wander The White City tagging the crumbling walls with portents of death, giant murals of the truths that have come to pass. Sometimes I see pictures of the future, so I do what I can to warn of the evil that's coming. Why won't they listen?  If they refuse to heed my warnings they will learn. The White City is a barren place but it is loud with the sins of the Wicked.
My name is Blame; I offer you refuge, relief...release. Sometimes in sleep, in death, there can be peace.