Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Story of Blaize part 2 The Witch Wars

I see your lips The summer kisses
She shifted, restless in her sleep, and the cotton sheets rustled. The bony jut of her hip pressed into his. He soothed her with whispers and fingertips stroked across the gentle slope of her bare shoulder.
They’d been so close once. Not just their bodies but their hearts and feelings. Sometimes when he looked at her she was still the same amazing, brilliant girl he’d fallen in love with as an over-eager high school sophomore but, more and more lately…she just wasn’t.
He turned his head to look at her, to trace the plane of her cheek, the soft plush of her pink lips. With another restless moan she turned away from him, burrowed deeper.  He let her hide, moved his wandering fingers along the fragile length of her arm, raised it to tease the blue veins with a slow sweep of his tongue where the pulse beat at her wrist.
She meowed sweetly, shifted across his chest. “Ewww… Blaize, don’t lick me.” The honey of her voice melted down his spine.
“Why not, you didn’t seem to mind when I licked you earlier?” He whispered back. He waited, hoping she’d answer, needing her to, but her even breaths told him she had drifted away again. Patiently, he separated a long tress of her hair from where it lay across the pillow and played the jagged ends across his palm as Miles played his horn…