Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hi! This week I'm posting on Sneak Peek Sunday! These are the first six paragraphs of my WIP. Hope you enjoy them. Also, stay in touch because next week I'll be back to Blaize's tale and you don't want to miss that! Cheers : )

 “On or off?”
Gossamer Triggs fisted her fingers deeper into the bag she had crossed over her shoulder and shot the driver a desperate look. Deep within the cowl hood of her red cloak her cheeks burned with panic. She mumbled and dug faster. She knew the coins were in there …somewhere. She’d gone to the market herself just this morning. She’d sold the Mouse’s sneakers, risked selling a few more of the herbal amulets she’d made- they had to eat, didn’t they? Only, she’d been so careful to leave enough to make this trip but, now…it was just gone. Like the Mouse was just gone and home was just gone and this city… 
“Look,” the driver’s voice, scratchy and raw liked he’d smoked too many cigarettes and accompanied this time by sarcastic hand gestures grated out impatiently, “In or out?” His snarky expression made it obvious that he didn’t think she was smart enough to understand what he meant by “on or off.”
If she hadn’t have had to run for the bus. If she had just taken the time to knot the coins in one of the little bags she had stitched up to hold her herbs. If she hadn’t been so worried about wrapping the bottle full of water she intended to trade for information. But no, there hadn’t been time, it had to be this bus, she couldn’t have waited any longer or it would have been too late. The dark fell so quickly.
She knew better than to do it but couldn’t stop herself from casting a panicked look behind her. The longer the delay, the better the odds that a WLP guard would wander up- curious in that shovey shovey way they all had- about what the holdup was. In the end it was always the little things that gave you away, got you caught.

365 times six, that’s how many days she’d been living in fear and-what was today? Living…re-living the horror of being left in the dark, of being so cold- no way for the sun to ever touch you. Of being so hungry in the dark, so alone, desperate to hear the sound of another voice…but not his voice…never his voice.