Monday, August 11, 2014

I Am A Meta-Cognition!

Remember that scene in that one mummy movie and it had that one guy-with the chest- and then...were they camping? On the river still? I think there were bugs... the girl stood up and she was... drunk and, and she says Mmm...Oh yea...she says, "I am a librarian!" Maybe this was the part with the bugs?  Brandon-Brendon?  Was it actually called The Mummy? Anyway... My point is, when I say I am a meta-cognition...I'm saying it like that : )

A Happy Little About Me!

I'm ambidextrous. And a terrible punctuation-er.  And apparently also a glutton! Because I've already eaten all of the cookies I smuggled in to my office to eat while I was writing this!
I also enjoy drawing and I play a little guitar.
And I garden. Yea, flowers! And Bicycling...

My Professional Selfie:

Of course I have the ubiquitous degree in Literature. If I had known what it would be like in that classroom every day- I would have gotten my degree in a subject I didn't like so much. My poor, poor stories...what have they done to you?

 I refuse to reveal anything more about my checkered career past for fear it will bring out your judgy side and,in fact, find my mind drifting more and more back to the kitchen and my lovely tin of cookies. 

I Believe My Life Story Will Have to Wait!

I also like milk...